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Global Photonix, LLC

Global Photonix’s assets include eight (8) GP-LA1 ultra-thin portable all-in-one LED displays (the “LED Posters”) and one (1) custom LED display measuring approximately 8.39 x 10.49 feet (the “Custom LED Screen”). Each of the eight (8) LED Posters measures 1944 x 576 millimeters (76.53 x 22.67 inches) and features an amazing 2.5-millimeter display. The LED Posters are designed for indoor use and feature a variety of mounting options, including supporter standing, pedestal standing, wall mounted, and hanging installation. Further, each LED Poster is also equipped with an individual traveling case and there are two (2) hard cover travel and/or storage containers designed to transport and store the LED Posters. The Custom LED Screen is designed for outdoor use and features a full color density. Further, the Custom LED is video capable, has one hundred and sixty (160) viewing angles and has a pixel pitch measured at 10mm.

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