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From The Westerly Sun: Westerly to seek EPA grant for cleanup of old mill's wastewater lagoons

December 2018
Town officials plan to apply for a $500,000 grant from the federal government to fund the cleanup of four lagoons that were used to treat chemicals and other wastewater at the former Bradford Dyeing Association property. If approved, the town would be required to contribute $100,000 toward the cost of the work.

The 61-acre property at 460 Bradford Road, which was used as a textile mill from 1911 to 2012, is currently in receivership, a state-court process akin to bankruptcy. Town officials, concerned that the property represented a public health risk, petitioned a Superior Court judge in June, asking him to place the property in receivership. Local taxes of more than $200,000 have not been paid, and two federal liens have been placed on the property.

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