Ferrucci Russo Dorsey


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From The Valley Breeze: Special master seeks to remove mills at 258 Pine St.

September 2019

The court-appointed special master charged with defining the future for the burned-out mill property near a coming new commuter rail station has outlined steps he plans to take with the city.

Attorney John Dorsey, appointed interim special master in July, noted in his Aug. 27 interim report on the property at 258 Pine St., formerly occupied by Robert’s Chemical Co. and other businesses, that its
ownership history is a complicated one.

Dorsey said he agrees with city officials that the property presents an imminent danger to public health, particularly as squatters and trespassers make their way into unsecured areas. He said he’s taking steps to re-secure the property as a deterrent. He said the property is in a “severe level of damage and disrepair.”

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