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From Providence Business News: Innovative R.I. court program to protect pandemic-crippled businesses goes untapped

August 2020

Government lifelines are disappearing for businesses gutted by the COVID-19 pandemic. . . .Yet, a lifeline set up months ago by the R.I. Judiciary to help rescue business owners pinned between creditors and damaged by the pandemic remains unused.

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Attorney John A. Dorsey, a court-appointed program coordinator with W. Mark Russo, suspects businesses are now weighing their options as PPP funding runs out. “PPP is coming to an end and now people are making an assessment, can I sink or swim? [And] what impact might a program like this have on my credit?” Dorsey said recently. Some business owners may still be learning about program details. As administrators, Dorsey and Russo, partners in Providence-based Ferrucci Russo Dorsey PC, would work with the businesses to craft repayment plans for creditors.

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